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5+ Cat Roommates Who Were So Bad, That They Ended Up Being Really Good

Cats have their own uniques ways to show why they are best.

Yes, it is very true about cats they can be very aggressive at times. They are very moody and those moods swing quicker than the swings that you have in your local park. That was a bad analogy but you get my point. Your cat could be all in for snuggles and hugs one moment, and the very next moment it could be smacking you in the face for giving it its food, not on time. I think we can all agree with the fact that cats can be proper devils at times, breaking your expensive furniture, running around the house like a crazy species, they will do everything to take you right to the edge. But, that’s the thing that attracts cat lovers towards cats the most. They fall in love with this uniqueness and fully realize what they are getting themselves into. Independent cats only live well with independent humans.

Today we are going to look at some devilish acts committed by cats making them the worst roommates to an extent, they end up being the best ones.

Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. Everytime he scratches the sofa, he sits on this post announcing his crimes publicly, without any fear.



2. Where all logic ends, that is where their logic starts.




3. This family got into the festive feels and decorated their Christmas tree. 12 hours later, this is how he looks thanks to their cat.



4. She had just taken the cake out of the oven and the cat decided to let everyone know that it helped in the process.




5. Once you adopt a cat, forget about any personal space you had before.