23-Yr-Old Adopts 13 Daughters Before Getting Married, Then Introduces Them To New “Dad” – Video

Katie Davis Majors is a young woman who adopted thirteen female children. Yeah- you’ve heard it right. She adopted thirteen children at the age of 23 itself. She hadn’t blinked twice to make this life-trading decision and let us remain in awe, realizing her guts of compassion. Katie is another religious woman who transformed the course of the chain of events into something surprisingly beautiful.

She went up to Uganda on a missionary trip during her Christmas vacation in High school. She is overwhelmed by the need for her purpose in there.

After a few years of compassionate volunteering by launching an organization Amazima Ministries, she realized God’s plans for her. Hence she deliberately went through three years of paperwork and adopted thirteen young female children out of love. Unbelievably She became a mother for deserted children in a country that has desperate financial issues.

Amazima Ministries acts life-transforming to the Uganda Communities since 2008, helps restore the relationships of many adopted children and their biological parents. But as push comes to shove one of Katie’s adopted children, named Jane, got found by her parents and claims to retrieve her back home.

This particular dilemma of restoring Jane’s life but losing her as a daughter becomes a difficult choice for her. She prayed for her well-being and let her parents claim Jane for good.

Katie never let God turn his face from her lovely deeds, so he had no other choice than to make Katie meet her soulmate Benjamin who is also coming as a missionary from his hometown.

God has his own way, right?. Katie relies on the 13 cutest bridesmaids for her marriage. From there, Benjamin became the husband and proud father of those bridesmaids.

Katie found the motherly love and the peace revolving around it and living her life inspiring enough to write a book, “Daring of Hope” and set an example for the world to be a better human.

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