19 Pictures Of Cute Baby Animals

Did you know that “cuteness” is a defense mechanism? There is a reason why we want to hug, squeeze, and care for all baby creatures. It’s because they are irresistibly cute. Cuteness, in fact, is an evolutionary mechanism to ensure survival. Babies need to be fed, protected and taught basic survival instinct in order to survive. Their chubby cheeks, big eyes, and round bodies contribute to ‘cuteness’ which basically hijacks our brains and “trigger our caregiving behaviors, which is vital because infants (and baby animals) need our constant attention to survive and thrive,” states Oxford University researchers.

#1 This baby hippo is the epitome of cuteness.

#2 According to National Geographic Kids, baby pandas are born blind, pink, and are about the size of a pencil.

#3 What a happy (or sleepy) baby seal!

#4 What’s quackin’ little fella?

#5 If this baby otter doesn’t warm your heart, we’re not sure much else will.

#6 Check out this long-legged cutie with its perfect set of lashes.

#7 This curious baby black panther wants to say hello!

#8 It’s so round! A baby platypus is now on my Christmas wish list.

#9 This little piggy is as cute as can be!

#10 A baby buffalo frolicking off to see the world.

#11 This baby polar bear is the leader of all arctic playgrounds.

#12 Check out this baby cow model with its cute button nose and luscious brown fur.

#13 Who knew a baby skunk could be this cute?

#14 This baby albino spider with its round animated eyes is quite adorable.

#15 What a mischievous little grin you have there!

#16 Cuddling a baby wombat is the ultimate dream.

#17 Happiness is this baby kitten curled up for a nap.

#18 This round-bottom baby koala is soaking up the world from its branch.

#19 We can’t get enough of baby hippos!

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