Wolf With Crippling Neurological Condition Responds To Energy Healing

More and more, people are recognizing the benefits that interacting with animals has on our health. From wolves helping veterans coping with PTSD to horses helping to heal people’s troubled spirits, animals can heal us in ways we do not fully understand yet.

So it comes as no surprise, then, that animals can also heal from human touch. One animal sanctuary discovered this recently when they wanted to heal their resident wolf.

At Earthfire Institute: Wildlife Sanctuary & Retreat Center, a wolf named Apricot suffers from a crippling neurological condition. It may be a condition caused from distemper, which she had when she was a pup. The ailment causes her spine to twist and makes her hunch over.

When medications for pain were not being effective, her caregivers turned to alternate therapies to try and help her. They decided to try and give Apricot therapy from an energy healer to see if she could help.

The video below shows the wolf in three of her healing sessions with the healer and the amazing outcome from the visits. There definitely seems to be a communication without words that’s incredible to witness. It certainly opened my mind to the potential for spiritual healing.

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