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The zoo of San Diego is very happy to announce the birth of a golden takin

The takins, that are defined as vulnerable

The little baby Mei Ling was born on April 14th to a family of Bona and Zhao. Although the baby had shaky legs the baby was able to stood on his legs after an hour being born.

She attracted people’s attention, as she is the first golden takin to be born in the Western Hemisphere.

Day by day the calf becomes more flexible. She may be seen with her parents or walking through rough terrain. Their natural habitat are Himalayas.

“These are the unique species, that most people can’t have seen or heard of.” says the wildlife keeper.

These animals eat most of all plants, especially bamboo. They like to roam far and wide, and they are already used to it. And also they have thick coat in order to be warm.


These takins are divided into four subspecies. So most of all they are yellow to brown colour.

They has been defined as vulnerable. They are like pandas in China.

Mei Ling will develop her own horns after she has reached the age of six months.


They are very similar to sheep, and they look as very big sheep.