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Spent 9 Years In A Torture Vest – Can Not Have The Enjoyment When Seeing The Water For The First Time

Tuffy is a black bear from Vietnam that spent most of his life under the harshest problems. Likewise known as moon bears, they are usually used in big bile farms where they are used to extract the substance from their abdomen through a extremely unpleasant procedure.
Tuffy became one of the leaders of the pack that lives in the shelter.

These bears are black in color and have a adorable white crescent-shaped marking on their breast.

After many years of coming from one of these farms and living in uncomfortable cages, Tuffy was rescued by Animals Asia. Once they procured him out of there they took him to a vet.

Tuffy spent 9 years on a bile ranch.


In the initial exam, they realized that his gallbladder was so terribly affected that it had to be removed immediately to save his life. In addition, Tuffy had serious dental issues and many injuries to his legs.

” Wounded legs are common on bile farms since bears never ever walk on lawns. They are always on bars. They also tend to deal with dehydration, which likewise impacts their legs “.

When he made a full recovery from the surgery, Tuffy can not imagine that a new life was currently starting for him. They transferred him to a gorgeous sanctuary where he can enjoy the outdoors and also a swimming pool to cool off on warm days.

The Vietnamese government assured that this method will be totally eliminated in 2020.


Seeing everything around him, he ran very pleased and went to take a well-deserved and delicious dip. Walking on the yard amazed him a lot that he did not invest a single night in his burrow. He chooses to sleep under the celebrities.

” After so much discomfort this was a real oasis for him.”

A video clip reveals the adorable moment when Tuffy swims and gladly has fun with the water. After living such a difficult and painful life, these beautiful minutes of serenity and freedom are worth gold to the gorgeous animal.

” Everyone loves it. He is very playful and it is impossible not to love him. They all wish to be your buddy. “


Tuffy remained there for a year and when he fully recovered his strength they moved him to an area where he can share with 15 other rescued bears.