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Seal Is Overjoyed To Get A Massive Ice Cake For His 31st Birthday

Meet Yulelogs — an energetic grey seal who will never say no to a snack.

Yulelogs spent his early years in a marine park in the north of England, before being released back into the wild. But after so much time in captivity, he had become used to humans doling out the treats.

“Yulelogs was retrieved by the RSPCA three months after his release when worried members of the public reported that he was following people with buckets on the beach because he thought they held fish,” the Cornish Seal Sanctuary posted on Facebook.

Yulelogs was taken in by the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, and has lived there happily ever since. In the wild, male grey seals tend to live to be around 25 years old, but recently Yulelogs celebrated his 31st birthday.

To mark the milestone, the sanctuary gave him a special present: an ice cake filled with fish.


Yulelogs was thrilled — and he wasn’t afraid to show it.

“Yulelogs truly liked his birthday cake,” said Georgina Shannon, the sanctuary’s marketing and media coordinator. “It’s also a terrific kind of enrichment for him because figuring out how to get the fish out of the cake involves some thought!”


The birthday party not only made Yulelogs happy, but cheered up his carers as well.

“It’s been an incredibly tough few months at the sanctuary and for everyone due to COVID-19,” Shannon said. “So it was just really nice to have a moment of celebration.”