Saber-tooth Tiger Gets Loose On The Streets, Comes ‘Dangerously’ Close To A Kid

The people of Los Angeles are enjoying their ice cream sandwiches on a typical hot day, when suddenly, danger is afoot! At a distance, someone spots a dangerously large animal approaching, writes ilovemydogsomuch

As this ‘animal’ approaches the crowd, the air is filled with excitement and fear. No one knows what this animal is, or what it will do. As the animal gets closer, people gasp, as they realize the animal is a large saber-tooth tiger!

But wait, aren’t saber-tooth tigers extinct? So where did this saber-tooth come from? And who are these people handling it on a leash? The secret is finally revealed – it’s a saber-tooth robot!

In one of the coolest promotions for a museum show we have ever seen, LA Brea Tar Pits and Museum debuted their animatronic saber-tooth tiger for the public of LA to see and take pictures with! The feline got up close and personal with the crowd, and was a favorite with the kids, who couldn’t get enough of the large, cuddly fur-ball! How cool is that?


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