Playful Crow Follows This Man Everywhere And Even Brings Him Gifts

The symbolic relations between crows and humans always surprise us. This time the turn was for Danny and Salem. Recently one of the wild baby crows later named Salemvapproached a human named Danny, who lived in Washington, D.C.

One day Salem flew over and sat on Danny’s shoulder. It was as if the crow wanted to be friends with the man. On the other day the crow followed the man and did the same thing. Danny was appealed and did everything to acquire he crow’s trust. Though it was very hard to gain Salem’s trust Danny managed in the end.

Danny gave the crow something to eat and the “thank you” wasn’t belated. Saem brought a git fro his hman friend the next day. Their bond became stronger and stronger. Danny was very happy to have such a mysterious friend with whom he could talk for hours. Danny appreciated the role of animal friendship very much and told Salem about it.

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