Jogger Finds Baby Bird On Ground, Spends 36 Days Nursing It Back To Health

Baby birds are so adorable. They are so tiny and their little sounds are just so quiet! That’s what makes this story all the more sweet. This man was out for a daily jog when he came across a small baby bird. It had fallen out of his nest, but there were no other babies or the mom in site. He wasn’t sure what to do, so rather than leaving it to die, he took it home.

This baby bird is so tiny. Its eyes aren’t even opened yet, and look how few feathers it has.

Luckily for this baby bird, the man who found it lives with his brother.

That brother just so happens to be a veterinarian.

The brother did a thorough check up on this poor little guy to ensure he was in okay health.

The baby bird was going to be just fine. As he got older, his feathers started to come in more and more.

His eyes are finally starting to open.

This little guy was definitely going to be alright. It looks like he is in good hands.

He is getting used to his surroundings more and more.

Seems to be a pretty calm guy, as he’s been around these two brothers pretty much his entire life.

As he got older and stronger, the two brothers allowed him to go outside more and more.

They would put his cage by the window so he could get used to the surroundings. They even put tree branches in his cage so he became more acquainted with the great outdoors.

His face looks a little grumpy, but he’s sure lucky that he was found by these guys.

He’s getting more and more plump, I can see.

As you can see, they started feeding him not only seed, but also worms so he could eventually live outdoors.

I wonder if he was confused at first when they moved his cage outside.

It looks like he definitely got lucky, as these two brothers take amazing care of him.

Getting more and more comfortable with being outside.

He’s so cute and fluffy.

There he is, surrounded by leaves and branches.

Just hanging out on a branch, relaxing.

After 36 days and a full recovery, the bothers finally released this bird in the open.
I’m so glad that he was found by these guys so they could really give him the life that he deserved. Most people would have ignored the helpless bird, but not this guy. He was definitely in the right place at the right time.

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