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Donkey Brays With Joy When He Finally Gets His Freedom After 8 Years of Being Chained.

Donkey brays with joy…

Leonardo is a donkey who had lived in deplorable conditions in a Seville neighbourhood, but today, thanks to the Fundación Santuario Gaia’s assistance, he finally realises what it’s like to be free after 8 years of someone being tied. Leonardo has been met by the refuge, and the touching moment of his entrance was more than moving; it appears that Leonardo had been waiting forward more to his freedom, and he can just grin.

The donkey came from a family who lived in social isolation and had to leave their home because of problems with their neighbours. The subject was eventually assigned to Santuario Gaia when these people contacted the previous guardian of Osuna (Seville) to take charge of him.

Leonardo travelled from Seville to Girona to get to his new home.

Leonardo received medical help as immediately as he got at the refuge, according to the magazine La Vanguardia, and they promptly started healing his eyes and injuries, and also heartworm prevention him both externally and internally.

The donkey bleats with glee after already being released by the workers and learning that he will never be bound up again, as if he recognises that he is totally free, loved, and guarded, according to a beautiful video shared on facebook by Santuario Gaia.

“In a statement published to its Fb account, the refuge decided to write: “In a statement published to its Fb account, the refuge wrote:

«He’s had a surprise or two in the first few days. It’s the first time I’ve ever met so many different types of animals, and it’s always a party. He is excited to join the remainder of the donkeys, and he is ecstatic when he sees the cows, calves, piglets, and even the birds. The best part is seeing him so comfortable while soaking up the rays ».

According to Gaia Shelter, this donkey’s life has been difficult and unpredictable. For the past 8 years, he’s been pent up with little food and almost no water. He suffers from a range of harm as a result of it all.

His eyes are severely infected with conjunctivitis, an inflammation of the inner part of the eye, and an ulceration in the left eye; his epidermis is in poor condition, with crusties and sores covering his limbs; and his skin is in poor condition.


The refuge also has the following features:

“His injuries are mending properly, and his eye sore is improving. We hope you recover some of your sight and are able to fully appreciate the wonderland you have found yourself in. Spite of the fact that he has already understands nothing bad will happen to him as well and that he will have the life he deserves for the rest of life.

Leonardo has quickly acclimatised to his unfamiliar setting, astonishing the entire shelter staff. This adorable donkey has yearned for independence enough that he doesn’t want to lose a good second of his newfound freedom.

Notwithstanding his bodily and mental disabilities, the shelter is confident that Leonardo recognises that he now has a brighter future before of him.