Dog With A Tumor Is Thrown Away In A Dumpster Like Trash

An instant disclaimer for anyone who is about to read this post—it‘s going to break your heart and then patch it back together. We often share heartwarming stories of rescued animals, but what the poor creature has to go through prior to that can be devastating. This particular dog story perfectly illustrates how strikingly brutal some people can be and how incredibly kind others are.

It‘s all about balance in the world, right? Not the kind of balance we would hope for, but the one we have to deal with. So grab some tissues, because you will need them!

This dog was not only abandoned, but thrown away in a dumpster like trash in the city of Botucatu, São Paulo, Brazil. Luckily, a passerby noticed a dog among the garbage, and this is where you take your tissues out. The person who found the dog documented the heartbreaking sight on video—the amount of pain and sadness in the pup‘s eyes is almost unbearable to watch.

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