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Discomforted Sperm Whale Asks Diver To Remove Hook From Her

No matter how strong or “big” we think we are, there will come a time when we will need help from others to ease our situation.

Intelligent Creatures

Sperm Whales are huge mammals that have the largest brains among all the creatures on earth.

Gentle Giants


Despite their intimidating size, these whales are gentle, and only prey on squids they find in the deeper parts of the ocean.

Meet Hugues

Hugues Vitry is a world-famous Maurician environmentalist and underwater photographer. He is also the Diving Centre Manager and Vice President of the Marine Megafauna Conservation Organization.

A Close Encounter


One day, while he was swimming, doing his work, a giant sperm whale swam close to him, moved her huge body sideways, and opened her jaw to show Hugues that she needed help.

She Was In Distress

Hugues took a closer look and saw a small hook stuck by the whale’s tooth.

Setting Her Free


With some force, Hugues was able to remove the hook from the whale’s mouth while the massive mammal was calmly staying still.

She Thanked Him

When she was freed, the whale seemed to linger for a bit as if she was thanking Hugues for his help.

Hugues’s Mission


This encounter is just one of the many times Hugues has helped a marine animal. He says he tries to make the effort to help and conserve marine life while appreciating its beauty at the same time.

Watch how grateful the sperm whale was to Hugues after he set her free from a tiny hook in the video below.

Watch Video Here: