Couple Canoeing On Lazy River Get A Scare

A woman enjoying a river float in a canoe got a surprise she’ll remember thanks to a prankster known as “Krazy Kurt”. The fun begins while the woman, her husband and some friends were enjoying a canoe trip on the Mohican River in Loudonville, Ohio, USA.

Unbeknownst to the couple, the waters are inhabited by a “swamp monster/sasquatch”. The person who shared the video says that, “Capturing this amazing creature in the act is not an easy feat but most definitely the best part.”

The river creature is actually Krazy Kurt who dons a ghillie suit and hides out in the water to surprise unsuspecting passersby. He really blends in to the river as you’ll see in the video below. And wouldn’t you know, as the couple in the canoe float by the woman in the canoe has her eyes trained on her mobile phone and not on the river…

The person who shared the video says of the woman’s hilarious response: “[T]his was absolutely the most graceful of all the reactions, minus the poor husband who didn’t get a fist bump at the end. We can attribute that to the suit obstructing the view OR possibly a girl upside down, you decide.”

It’s done completely for laughs and everyone was a great sport. They add, “It’s quite the scare to begin with, but in the end, it most certainly is the talk of the whole trip.”

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