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A Starbucks employee cries after being assigned to work for 8 hours.

The number of people in the United States with student debt is at an all-time high. When a growing number of people in their twenties graduate from college only to face crippling debt, they are forced to combine work and study—a circumstance that not only limits the amount of time available to devote to learning...More Please

The worst news of the day. Celine Dion, unfortunately, confirmed it.

The iconic Canadian singer Céline Dion has postponed some of her European tour dates as a result of a recent diagnosis of the neurological condition stiff-person syndrome. In two videos posted on her social media accounts (in English and French) on Thursday, Dion said that due to her serious sickness, she is unable to “sing...More Please

Brigitte Bardot is 88 years old now and she looks great

Women were so beautiful back before the days of Botox and breast implants – just take Brigitte Bardot as a perfect example. The French actress and singer shot to fame in Europe during the 1950s – but Brigitte was embraced in America as well. After she bowed out of the limelight, she invested her money...More Please

Toby Keith shares new update

Toby Keith is perhaps one of the most well-known names in country music. The multi-platinum-selling artist enjoys a very successful family life parallel to his professional life, though in 2021, his fortunes hit a downward spiral. After a year of speculation, Keith finally revealed to fans that he was not doing well after having been...More Please