World’s ‘Ugliest’ Goats Look Super Cute Until They Grow Up

If you thought that beauty pageants are reserved for people only, you might be surprised to find that there are beauty contests for camels, badgers, cats, and even goats. And, if typically the contestants who enter the pageants are absolutely gorgeous, a different kind of beauty is valued in goats.

The goat beauty pageant, held in Saudi Arabia, prizes billies known as the Damascus goat, also known in the internets as the ‘World’s Ugliest Animals.’ And though we do not like calling our four-legged pals ugly, this goat breed has some very unusual characteristics.

The Damascus goat is generally used for milk production but also performs well in leather and meat production. What’s shocking about these weird animals is the difference between their looks when they’re young and when they grow up. What seems to be incredibly cute goats with very long ears later turns into a monstrosity with bulging noses that could scare many people. Anyways, this rare breed of quite ugly goats has become extremely valuable, and according to goat connoisseurs, their price can go all the way up to 67.000 USD.

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