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Woman takes 11 plates of food to park, left in tears after meeting crying mother: ‘I Know God Is Real’


Kim Colvin from Birmingham, Alabama stays alone in her home as her children had grown up and had left home. Although Kim used to have hard time cooking food only for herself, she thought of preparing some delicious food for herself.

She was wanting have beef. She cooked beef together with some vegetables. She also made mac and cheese and cornbread. Kim always used to cook a lot of food as she never understood how to cook only for hers.

Kim looked at the meal she had prepared and there was a lot of leftover that she did not want to th-row away. Kim saw that she 11 plates of food, so thought of taking to food to a nearby park. She knew there at park there were homeless people.


Kim went to the park and one plate of food to a man. She spotted a mother who was there with her three kids. One of the kids shook her mother and when the mother looked up, she saw Kim with plates of food.

The mother was in tears as Kim served them food. The mother said she and her kids are homeless and she was hoping someone would give them food.

Kim was touched by the mother and emotions. Kim shared the video clip of the moments. When Kim posted the video it immediately got lot of likes and got million views. Kim was touched by the mother as she felt sad that the mother has to pray that she is able to get food for her kids. Kim came as a blessing to the mother and her kids.