Woman Gives Stray Kitten a Chance at a Full Life, Who Now Wears a Crooked Yet Gorgeous Smile Every Day

A woman gave a stray kitten a chance at a full life, who now wears a crooked yet gorgeous smile every day.

A stray kitten was brought into a vet clinic in poor condition. She was covered in filth and suffered from severe infections (including Calicivirus), which had caused tissue loss around her mouth.

Ahsen, an animal rescuer in Turkey, was informed about the kitten and rushed to see her. The little stray was scruffy, reeking, dirty and very sick, but as soon as she spotted a visitor, she propped up on her feet, and put her paw through the kennel door, reaching for love.

“They said she was too small and wouldn’t last, but she persisted,” Ahsen shared.

Ahsen couldn’t leave without giving the kitten a fighting chance. She took the little one home and gave her a space to herself so she could start healing.

The kitten, named Zombi, was given a grim prognosis, but Ahsen was resolute to do everything she could to help her recover. She cleaned her mouth and started her on medication.

Zombi’s mouth had become crooked as the result of the infections. She had a long road to recovery but was remarkably content having a comfortable place to nestle in and a loving human to keep her company.

Ahsen diligently cleaned her mouth and applied meds to treat her wounds. She provided supplemental care for her anemia and made sure the kitten was always loved.

For the first time in a while, the kitten was eating without crying, and she was able to drink from a water fountain. Whenever Ahsen catered to her needs, Zombi was fully appreciative and soaking up all the attention.

Over the next few weeks, Zombi put on plenty of healthy weight, and her mouth was healing nicely. After extracting two lower teeth, she was able to eat a lot easier without discomfort.

Knowing she was going to make it, Ahsen could finally breathe a sigh of relief, and make Zombi an official member of her big family.

The sweet kitty received her much-needed spa day after nearly two months of recovery. She was getting ready to mingle with the rest of the feline crew.

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