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Woman Discovers Her Cat’s Been Stealing The Entire Neighborhood’s Shoes

Jordan has always enjoyed giving gifts to his mother, Bj Ross. The cat goes out at night to explore and always brings something back for his mother. It’s become his ritual, and while his mother isn’t thrilled when she discovers a snake crawling about her kitchen, she understands Jordan’s motivation: he loves her.



Ross observed an unusual number of shoes beginning to appear in her yard in January. She didn’t think much of it at first and planned to discard the shoes — until she understood they were Jordan’s latest gift offering.




Jordan’s newest passion is wandering around his Altoona, Pennsylvania neighborhood, hunting for shoes that others have left outside and stealing them to bring home to his mother. He usually brings home one to three pairs of shoes every night, and even if he can only carry one at a time, he always makes sure to return to finish the matching set.

Ross told The Dodo, “We’ve probably had about 80 shoes.” “There are also baseball mitts.” Pads for the knees and elbows. Toys with a squeaky sound. “As well as a swimming suit!”



Ross got Jordan a GPS tracker and an outside camera so she could keep an eye on him at night, and now she has footage of him triumphantly returning home with his gifts.



Ross started a Facebook group for Jordan since she now has a large collection of goods that don’t belong to her, anticipating that some of her neighbors would learn about his burglary and come by to retrieve their stolen items.




“So far, we’ve only discovered one owner,” Ross said. “He snatched roughly six pairs of her shoes!” says the narrator. It was a cat, she couldn’t believe it. She assumed her children had misplaced them.”