Woman Assures That Her Baby Is The Reincarnation Of Her Dog Due To Birthmark

Dealing with the death of a loved one is not an easy process. Not seeing that being again is something that generates deep sadness and can lead to depression, although it should be pointed out that each person experiences grief differently. It doesnt matter if that absent being is your mother, brother, or even a pet, when you love yourself too much, accepting loss can be very costly. As happened to a woman who lost her puppy, but now believes that he has been reincarnated.

As strange and hard to believe as all this may sound, the fact is that for Ms. Wang the death of her dog wasnt at all easy. And only the excitement over the arrival of her son gave her the strength to go on, but the birth of the baby was a big surprise to her. A mark on the child led him to believe that the baby is actually his deceased dog.

The pet in question was a samoyed that the woman named Renault when he was just a child. The puppy became the girl faithful companion for more than a decade, and even after they were married, Renault accompanied her to her new home. For this reason, Mrs. Wang felt great pain when the dog left the underworld. The lady even had a commemorative stone made, which is on the spot where Renaults remains rest. The dog is buried in the garden of the house.

Months have passed since the dog left and the woman prepared to receive her baby, whom she now thinks is the reincarnation of the furry one. Wangs suspicions are based on a spot that Renault had on one of his front legs, specifically the left one, which is very similar to the one his newborn baby has. Although some people have pointed her out as crazy, for this woman there is no other explanation than reincarnation. For Wang, it is too much of a coincidence that her son was born with a mark identical to Renaults on his left hand. This is the evidence you present to support your belief.

Dismayed by the situation, the Asian woman shared her controversial account on the Facebook page Furr Lovers PH. From there, different users questioned her mental health, while others agreed with her that there must be something behind such a coincidence. The birthmark is quite similar.

Regardless of whether or not what the woman suspects is true, the coincidence impresses many. Moreover, Mrs. Wang is happy with the illusion that it is her dog inhabiting her sons body. This thought has restored the tranquility and joy that he lost with Renaults death. Could something like this be possible? We want to know your opinion. Originally seen on dailymail

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