Will Smith Dances With His Mother as She Turns 85 Years Old

Will Smith was overjoyed and excited to celebrate his mother Caroline Bright’s 85th birthday. On Instagram, the actor posted a video of him dancing with his mother to Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me).

With the post, he added, “Today is my 85th birthday! Mom-Mom, have a wonderful birthday. Let’s dance our way to a hundred!” On what appears to be an outdoor patio, Bright can also be seen swaying to the music with her son. According to the Daily Mail, the table in the footage is piled high with food and drinks, indicating a family celebration feast.

As the lines “with somebody who loves me” played, Smith and Bright sang along, the actor gesturing to his chest. Caroline twirled around and clapped her hands while people applauded in the background. He is dressed in khaki khaki slacks and a pink polo t-shirt.

Bright is dressed in a lovely white lace blouse with a white skirt with a black floral hem. Willow Smith, Smith’s 21-year-old daughter, also posted a clip from the celeberation on her Instagram story. She is cuddling her father and grandmother while wearing a green blouse and shorts. She also uploaded a photo of Caroline kissing her on the cheek in a beautiful moment.


According to PEOPLE, in his autobiography Will, Smith shared an unpleasant tale from his teenage years involving his mother and his then-girlfriend, Melanie Parker. In the November 2021 book, he claims that Bright discovered them having sex in the kitchen when he was 16 years old.

When she came down to get herself a cup of coffee, she discovered Smith and Parker. He claims that she is “She did what she’d done tens of thousands of times before: she switched the light switch. But this time, her gaze was drawn to her eldest son and his girlfriend, who were engrossed in a wild love affair.”

“You cannot feel worse as a teenager, outside of physical injury, than having your mother catch you and your girlfriend doggy-style on her kitchen floor,” he continued. Parker used to live with Smith’s family because her mother was in prison at the time.


Will was born on September 25, 1968, to Bright, a former school board administrator in Philadelphia. With her ex-husband Willard Carroll Smith Senior, she has three further children: Pam, Ellen, and Harry.

According to the Daily Mail, Smith Sr. was an abusive father and husband, and Smith writes in his biography that he went through some dark moments after witnessing him abusing his mother. He considered suicide or perhaps killing his father because he believed it was his obligation as the oldest kid to protect his mother. The family’s sad days are ended, though, as Smith and Bright appear to be ecstatic in the video.

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