When A Young Koala Is Thrown From A Tree He Throws A Horribly Charming Tantrum

Without a doubt, everyone has felt helpless when someone larger and harder takes what we desire and there’s nothing we can do except weep.

Animals, too, appear to go through similar experiences. However, you won’t see such antics among the prettiest animals on the planet — koalas.

Koalas are adorable and peaceful animals, although they may be rather raucous during breeding season. And the hilarious film below exemplifies this point well. YouTuber Alicia Alexander recorded the scene on tape in Adelaide Hills, South Australia, and it evokes a range of emotions.

The only thing a young koala male can do when he is thrown out of a tree by a clearly larger opponent is throw a tantrum. Here’s your opportunity to watch someone being adorable while sobbing if you haven’t before.

“The poor little animal has been thrown off the tree. “You are welcome to come to our tree,” said a lady who observed the incident. “Poor little creature,” says the narrator. There are a lot of trees!”

While it’s unclear why the two began fighting, or if they’re connected, the scene is incredibly sweet. And, as if throwing him out of the tree wasn’t enough, the strong koala returns to the ground to ensure that his voice was heard.

The woman carrying the camera can be heard saying, “You’re a meanie.”

After the encounter, according to Alexander, the two went their own ways. When you consider that this is coming from someone who used to sleep roughly 22 hours a day, it’s an extraordinary scene. Have a look:


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