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What Urine Color Says About A Person’s Health

You can learn a lot about what’s going on inside your body by looking at what it releases externally.

Human urine can be a useful tool in the process of diagnosis. The color of urine can reveal a lot about the state of our health, from levels of hydration to more severe conditions. Look through the list below to better understand what the color of your urine might signify.

You’re drinking a lot of water and may want to cut back.

Light yellow color
You’re normal, healthy, and well-hydrated.

Transparent yellow
Your health is normal.

Dark yellow
Your health is normal but drink some water soon.

Amber or honey
Your body is dehydrated and needs more water.

Light brown
You might have severe dehydration or even liver disease. If the color persists, even once you drink some water, see a medical professional.

Pink or red
If you haven’t consumed red foods or drinks lately, you may have blood in your urine. The fluid might signal nothing, or it could be a warning sign of kidney disease, tumors, urinary tract infections, prostate problems or mercury poisoning. Another reason your urine could be reddish is if you’re deficient in iron or have problems metabolizing iron, according to a study published in the Journal of Current Surgery.

If you haven’t consumed food or drinks with orange dye, you may be dehydrated. In more severe situations, you could have a liver or bile duct condition.

Blue or green
Most likely, there was food dye in something you ate or in a medication (i.e. laxatives, chemotherapy drugs, or vitamins) you consumed. In rare instances, blue or green urine can be the result of a genetic disorder called hypercalcemia or a specific form of urinary tract infection called a Proteus infection.

Although it’s important to monitor your body, make sure to always consult with a medical professional as well. A urinalysis performed at the doctor’s office can indicate a significant health issue that isn’t always visible to the human eye. It is one of the easiest and valuable tests for the masses.