What Men Like More Than Sεx — But Won’t Tell You

1. He wants to be extremely attracted to you

Men want to be attracted to you, and being attractive has a HUGE impact on men. By being the most attractive version of yourself, you make him attracted to you. Put effort into the clothes you wear, and make sure they are both flattering and ones that make you feel sexy. Make sure you’re in your best shape, whatever that means to you. Focus on the things that make you feel your best self. This positive self-image leads to much, much success.

2. He wants a woman with a great vibe

Your vibe is the foundation of your attractiveness and is everything in your relationships with other people. Men’s feelings are 100% controlled by the feelings they experience when they are around you. If he feels good when he is around you, then he will be interested in you. He will want to spend time with you, meet you and get to know you better. Be interesting, flirty and witty. Nothing will stop him from pursuing you and… On the other hand, if you have a negative vibe, he will avoid you, not answer your messages or calls, and put up with you.

3. He wants to share his passion with you

Men are desperately looking for a girl to share their passion with. Ask him about it and you will find out a lot more about him. This creates a deeper connection with you. Guys are looking for someone who understands them on that deep level, and don’t easily let go of girls who do.

4. He wants to be a good listener

Guys will bond with women they feel they can share everything with. Sharing and opening up to you is how a man bonds. The key is for them to develop that close, personal relationship. That’s how intimacy is created. There is nothing more important to your long-term chances with a man than for him to know that he can be his true self around you without a hint of judgment. He wants you to be his safe haven.

6. He wants a woman with whom he is compatible

Here’s the simple definition; compatibility means being in a relationship with each other that feels easy. It is effortless, there is no day-to-day tension in it. It’s easy to be around each other and it feels good. If he is someone you want to build a future with, make sure you have both attraction and compatibility.

5. He wants a woman who shares his goals and dreams

Guys are looking for someone they know supports them and their direction in life. The best, longest lasting and most compassionate relationships have the same values and want the same things out of life. This means your individual goals match and you are moving toward them together. Your ideals for your lives should match.

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