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Very Intelligent Hyena Learns To Walk On Two Legs

Photographer Cathan Moore has spent years capturing images of several magnificent wild creatures in and around South Africa’s Timbavati Game Reserve. But he has a special place in his heart for one particular person.

A hyena who lost use of his hind legs has learned to walk only on his front limbs. He is prospering in spite of everything.

When Moore first noticed the hyena, who he nicknamed Two-Wheel-Drive, he was worried that the animal had a hard life. But eventually, Moore realized that the hyena was getting along just fine. In fact, the steadfast little guy was as confident as ever.

Hyenas are very resilient animals, and it’s not uncommon for them to bounce back quickly after injuries.

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“Naturally, you feel intense remorse, you feel sad,” Moore told The Dodo. “But if you think about it more, you start to realize that he’s a success, and you start to feel really proud of the situation and of all of nature and its resilience.”


Moore thinks the hyena stopped moving around a year ago. The tenacious animal can still cover great distances. Hyenas are scavengers, thus Two-Wheel-Drive can easily feed himself by using his strong nose to locate food leftovers.

Moore said on Instagram, “The more time I get to spend with this hyena, the more I am in awe of his tremendous character.”

Moore observed that Two-Wheel-Drive is still quite self-assured and obvious in control when he is with his tribe, constantly making sure he gets his fair share.

Moore said that it “truly doesn’t impede him from being domineering.”

Moore has gradually started to detect Two-Wheel-Drive utilizing his hind legs on occasion, which may indicate that he is regaining some of his mobility.

Whatever the case, it’s obvious that Two-Wheel-Drive has the resolve to deal with everything, even if he doesn’t fully recover the use of his legs. Whatever the obstacle, this hyena will handle it well.