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Traffic Comes To A Halt As A Herd Of Giraffes Crosses The Road

Exaud Marandu, a safari operator, was driving along a road on the edges of Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park the other day when he noticed something along the way ahead of him.

They weren’t easy to miss, to be sure.

Over 100 giraffes were gathered in a large herd on the side of the road. Marandu came to a complete stop in his automobile, and they all proceeded to cross, essentially halting vehicle traffic.

Marandu, on the other hand, seemed unconcerned by the delay. His response was the polar opposite.

“I raised the rooftop of my car to get a better look,” Marandu told The Dodo, stressing that it was an unusual sight for even a seasoned wildlife guide like him to observe. “It was my second time seeing such a magnificent sight.”

Here’s a video of that moment:

Marandu is no stranger to the marvels of local wildlife as the director of tour firm Utopia Safaris. Scenes like these, on the other hand, never grow old.

“I tell myself and my customers all the time that nature is always lovely,” Marandu remarked. “I have a sense…” I’m at a loss for words.”