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Tortoise Goes Missing For a Few Days – Owner Finds Out She Has Been Partying Without Him

Odette the tortoise enjoys life in sunny Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with her human Thomás Tavares. He loves and adores Odette with all his heart and she is free enough to stroll around the big garden in Thomás’ home and sometimes, as tortoises do, she might tuck away for a couple of days and return to get snacks and say hello to her human.

This has happened several times and it’s part of the dynamic Odette and Thomás shared, so when she tucked away one more time, Thomás wasn’t worried at first… Until several days and even weeks went by, and Odette hadn’t returned. He was very sad and worried about his friend but after three weeks of missing, Thomás spotted Odette crossing the street to return home and when he went to check on her and make sure she wasn’t injured during her adventures out in the world, he actually noticed Odette was just out partying.

Thomás found shiny stickers on the tortoise’s shell. “I joked that she had been off at Carnaval and was just getting home,” he shared. And truth be told, she kind of was! After he shared Odette’s journey, a friend of his named Bia told her Odette was actually at her house and the shiny stickers were put on her shell by Bia’s niece, who was having a birthday party and found Odette hanging out in their garden.

Amazed and relieved, Thomás joked: “She could invite me along for the next adventure. I hate staying at home.”

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