To everyone’s delight, this horse, saved from slaughter, has given birth to a healthy baby

Fortunately, this horse was saved from death by giving life to a baby horse.

The life of a horse named Journey has not been easy until recently.

Yes, Journey and 28 other horses were about to be taken to the slaughterhouse when a tragic accident occurred along the way.

It was in October 2020, when 10 horses failed to survive.

They had scratches on their legs, head and eye injuries, body trauma and seizures.

Sadly, it was proven that the poor animals had been taken to slaughter. What good news, they will not suffer such a cruel fate.

A month later, the rescue team discovered that one of the horses was pregnant. Fortunately, the pregnant horse named Journey has minimal injuries from the accident. She has successfully recovered and has transitioned to a peaceful pregnancy.

Animal Care Center announced on Facebook that they would live-stream the birth of Journey’s baby.

It was Aug. 16 when mom gave birth to a healthy colt named Cruiser. Journey and Cruiser are healthy and available for adoption.

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