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This Rescued Sheep Found A Friend In A Cat

We’ve heard of the Fox and the Hound, but what about the Sheep and the Cat?

Charlie the sheep was only a few days old when his owner put him up for adoption online. His mother had died, and the farmer who owned him didn’t want to raise the sickly lamb by himself.
When animal lovers saw the ad to adopt Charlie, they immediately showed interest in caring for the lamb, but the farmer refused to hand him over to any sanctuaries.
“Farmers often do not like sanctuaries as we do expose the dark side of the industry,” says Carla Reilly Moore, co-founder of Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary in Kingston, Ontario.

One rescuer went undercover in an attempt to adopt the lamb without mentioning a sanctuary, and succeeded. They named him Charlie, and Moore says he was their “Christmas miracle.”

They nursed the lamb back to health, but Charlie hadn’t only found a friend in the Moore family, but also in a fellow rescue pet named Dora the cat.

Charlie and Dora quickly formed an everlasting bond, and when Charlie came home from the hospital after a much needed surgery, his feline friend was right there waiting for him.
“Dora the kitten ran straight to his crate, and stayed with him until he woke up and came out to play again,” Moore said.

“Dora and Charlie have a kinship now, both animals were in dire need, and both animals were taken in by us, both animals were brought back to health, and together they are now living out their life here at Happy Tails Farm,” says Moore, “they had an instant connection — like it was always meant to be.”

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