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This Enormous Maine Coon Cat Is Stealing Everyone’s Hearts In Internet With His Unique Look


Meet this lovely cat named Kefir. This cutie is stealing everyone’s hearts in Internet because of his unique look.

This Maine Coon is becoming so famous because of the enormous body.

Isn’t Kefir the cutest?

He lives with his owner Yuliya in Russia. Cat is 1 year and 9 months old and is such an energetic boy.

Yuliya has said that Kefir also weighs nearly 26.5 pounds.

“It’s normal for Maine Coons to keep growing up until they are 3 years old.”


“It’s funny how others react when they see the cat because it is huge. Many people think that it’s a dog at first.”

Also, Kefir and Yuliya are best friends and inseparable now!