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They Tried To Sell Cats Like A Used Car, And The Internet Went Crazy For It! [Video]

Animal shelter tries to make hilarious low-budget cat commercial, it goes viral beyond their expectations!

Furkids animal shelter in Atlanta came up with this ingenious low-budget commercial masterpiece that became a huge viral hit! This rescue organization headquartered in Atlanta, Goergia, hired Paul Preston, an ordinary contractor with a rental property management firm (and conveniently a brother of a regular volunteer at Furkids), as the main character for this brilliant commercial they filmed under 30 minutes.
In this hilarious video, Paul perfectly mimics a used car salesman pitching all the cats at the shelter to get adopted.

#1 We did NOT expect the commercial to get this viral

#2 But hey, we can roll with that. Nice job partner!

#3 I mean you’re dumb not to adopt cats really

#4 So go and adopt kitties! Before they adopt …you?!