These DIY hay-bale pools are exactly what we need this summer

There is nothing quite like a pool during the summer heat.

It’s one of the only ways to beat the heat in the summer – and it’s even better if you have a pool in your own backyard.

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Swimming pools are nice, but they are also super expensive.

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We all have our dream home – and most of us probably imagine having a pool in that scenario. But if you have a swimming pool, or ever planned to build one, you know how expensive it can be.

According to Fixr, the average cost of building a swimming pool is around $50,000. The expenses are very high for an average household. But there is a workaround and you can get the enjoyment of the pool at a very cheap price.

If buying a pool is expensive, build one at an affordable rate.

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Here is a DIY pool to suit all your swimming pool needs.

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All you need is a backyard space and relatively low installment cost and you’re all set.

We’ll provide the entire rundown on how you can build this pool.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Mark

Let’s start with what you’ll need for this low-cost (but grand) swimming pool project.

Things you’ll require:

  • 14 bales of hay
  • Heavy-duty tarp 46×165′
  • Tape
  • Some people for labor (can be your own family members)
  • Water.

That’s it. You should keep in mind that the number of bales and length of the tarp depends on the size of the pool you want. If you have a bigger backyard, you can use more, or less if you have a short backyard. However, the project is recommended only if you have a big backyard space, enough for a pool.

Step 1: Organize the bales like a swimming pool frame.

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The bales will serve as a frame for your pool. They are heavy, so you’ll likely need many people or a crane to lift and place them properly. It will also determine the length of your pool; position them based on the size of the pool you desire.

Step 2: Wrap the tarp.

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The tarp will serve as a floor (or tiles) of your swimming pool. Make sure they are right and tight to ensure there is no leakage. You need to tie them properly with some strong ropes. It is advisable to have an expert around to ensure everything is done without any major error.

Step 3: Fill ’em and dip ’em.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Mark

What’s a swimming pool without water? The final stage of your homemade swimming pool requires you to fill it with water. Once you’ve done it, your swimming pool is ready and summer will no longer be a problem.

But how cheap is it exactly?

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Mark

While this is a very cost-effective swimming pool, it isn’t dirt cheap. This DIY pool was made by Mark and he also provides a basic rundown on how expensive this project can be. He uploaded his project on YouTube and in the description he provided a gross estimation of the price.

Mark in his YouTube video description writes:

Costs run down:

14 bales at $50 each (I am hoping that the straw will still be usable after so I should be able to get this money back).

Tarp 46’x164′ $375 there is still a fair bit left on the roll, might be next year’s pool or an ice rink in the winter…

Labor… it only took a couple of evenings to get the pool and tarp done, but the pump system and water maintenance is an ongoing battle. but you would have the same water problems with any pool.

That should give you a good idea about how much this will cost you. It is hard to tell the exact cost since the rate will be different depending on where you live.

Since this is something you’ll do all by yourself (with a little assistance), you’ll have a ton of fun and an experience of a lifetime. For the experience alone, it is worth it. It is also relatively cheaper than building an actual swimming pool.

Watch the video below!

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