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These Adorable Baby Goats Can’t Contain Their Happiness About Feeding Time

We all get excited at the prospect of meal time—let’s face it, deep down inside, it’s one of the only things that we actually look forward to on a day-to-day basis, delicious food. Am I right? Well just like us humans, animals love to have their meals too, but they have a totally different way of showing that they’re content and excited to be fed.

Dogs wag their tails when they want to show appreciation and happiness, and goats seemingly do the same! Don’t believe, well watch it for yourself in the video below. It shows 4 goats eagerly gulping down their milk from a bottle. It’s actually quite common for famers to feed baby goats, more formally referred to as ‘kids’, with a baby bottle.

You will not only see the kids drinking from bottles in the video below but also the little goats wagging their tales, feverishly, at the idea of being fed. This is their way of showing excitement and happiness, just like dogs. See!

It’s amazing to see these goats so excited for something as simple as feeding time. But then again, aren’t we all eager and ready to dig in when it comes to the family’s big Thanksgiving feast? I guess it’s the same notion!

Do you have any fun animal stories about how they share their excitement with everyone? We’d love to hear about them in comments.

In the mean time, click on the link below and watch these goats drink their milk! Don’t forget to share this video with family and friends if you enjoyed it as much as we did!