There Is A Funeral Home That Offers Full Funeral Services For Pets

We have posted about some pretty interesting places, about different cultures, and the uniqueness of our world we live on. This story is no different.

This is a Japanese Funeral Home for pets.

Public funeral service parlor is held on the ground floor.

This is the cremation room.

Altar in front of the cremation chamber.

After long chanting and prayers by the monk, you are asked to light the incense.

The monk placed a cat on the cremation bed and recited a lot more prayers.

During the cremation you wait in a room full of communal shrines for pets.

Part of the shrines.

These are the cases for the Urns

They will show your cats bones

And the Monk will grab the main bones and set them on the tray for you to see.

Skull, toes, and tail bones.

You then will be asked to transfer the rest of the bones on the cremation bed into the urn using chopsticks.

He picked up the really small bits of bone fragments left by us with great care.

Then he will use a pair of thick chopsticks to squish the bones,

to make room for the skull and the rest of the bones carefully in their anatomically correct order.

When he finishes, you will be asked to put the tail bones in the urn by hands

Then he will sweep the fine powdery bits into the urn with chopsticks and a brush.

He will seal the urn with tapes and tied the cover and placed it in a carry bag for you to take home.

You can then make a shrine for your animal at home.

What an interesting tradition huh? Would you do an entire funeral for your pet?

Read these characteristics which almost all cat lovers have in common:

It’s the nature of cats that they are not friends with everybody, and the same trait can be seen in their owners too. Usually, they live alone and are happy with their independent lifestyle. They are introverts but are comfortable hanging around with other people. However, they would need some me-time to relax and recharge.

It has been observed that people with liberal political leanings prefer cats over dogs. You might be a liberal dog lover or a conservative cat owner; if you’re a liberal, you love cats and vice versa.

Five traits – conscientiousness, neuroticism, extraversion, agreeableness, and openness are often seen in most cat lovers. As compared to dog owners, people who have cats as pets are more open and therefore, have greater artistic creativity.

Just like their pets, cat lovers seek attention from people around them. They like to be the centre of all conversations. At times, cat owners rely on their pets for emotional support.

Cat people respect cats more than humans, in general. The saddest sight for a cat lover is to see the animal on the streets without a home. Cat lovers are often seen making a special effort to rescue or rehabilitate homeless cats.

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