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There are 74 cats living in the Hermitage, and this is not just because they perform an important service for the state

This museum is considered one of the largest and oldest in the world. It was founded by order of Catherine the Great in 1754.

Previously, it was a building with a personal collection of the rulers of the Russian Empire, but after 100 years, its doors were opened for everyone to see art objects.

At the moment, the Hermitage is known far beyond the borders of Russia and annually attracts millions of tourists. In addition, he has another feature – these are cats.

And not two or three, but as many as 74. The army of caudates not only amuses visitors but also helps to fight pests.

When the palace became a museum, they decided to keep the cats, because it was necessary to protect art objects. There were no cats in the Hermitage only from the most difficult times for the city – the blockade and the post-war period.

In the 50s of the last century, the rodent population began to increase, so the authorities again launched the caudates into the museum premises.


Unfortunately, no one looked after cats during the Soviet era, but in the 90s a special program began, according to which each fluffy guardian received food and veterinary care.

In 2007, the Hermitage began to accept stray cats, and 4 years later they organized a festival during which they collected food and toys for cats.

74 cats living here have been spayed and are under the care of 4 employees. On the territory of the museum, there is a small veterinary office and a special kitchen for pussies. Money for the maintenance of animals mainly comes from charitable foundations.

The Hermitage employees are also looking for loving families for their four-legged “colleagues”. Several cats have already gone to a well-deserved retirement to new owners.