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Their Bond Grew Stronger As This Lost Cat Would Show Up At This Family’s House Every Day

Any would feel creeped out if there is someone standing in your house window and staring at you…even if it is a cat.

To be very honest, I would brick it if I saw someone staring at me through a window. And if they’re wearing black, I am definitely calling the police without any second thoughts. And the case remains the same even if it is an animal, a cat for instance. If you see a cat popping up at your window every single day staring right at you and trying to get in, it would certainly ring some bells and creep you out, especially when it is not your cat. Well, the scenario we just stated here is actually a true story. Erin Breean noticed a cat while she and her boyfriend were walking their dog. She ignored that there was a cat staring through their house window, thinking it is just a random cat who will go away. But who knew that cat would pay frequent visits in the coming days.

Meet the stalker. This adorable cat was actually lost and ended up outside this random family’s house.

When you study research work on how to survive, it is said that one should keep moving to the minimum and try to stay exactly where they are in order to make the whole searching process easy and the probability of being found higher.

This furball might have contributed to one of those papers because it was applying that strategy very well.




The cat looked very well fed by its looks of it and was quite friendly when Erin tried to approach him for the first time. The family decided it wouldn’t be right to approach a shelter or a veterinary doctor because if its owners are looking for it, that would make things difficult for them. So Erin decided to take some pictures of the cat and posted them on her social media account, in hopes that his owners would come across the post and would find their cat.

The cat was left outside and the family had high hopes that his owners will find him.



Erin had hoped that the cat would also make efforts to look for its owner, roaming the streets but surprisingly the cat would just stick to Erin’s house window and would stare at the whole family, everything they were doing.

The lost cat, who the family had named Greg, make some attempts to break into the house as well which really creeped out the family.




No one would enjoy someone staring at you for 3 days straight even if it is a beautiful cat. The family just couldn’t understand what that cat was trying to do or achieve. The family refused to give Greg any food or water because that would’ve made him stay and they didn’t want him around.

Greg then disappeared and returned a minute later, this time at the back window of the house, meowing loudly and making failed attempts to enter through the doggy door.



Another day passed and the cat showed up again, you have got to give it up for that level of punctuality. Again, the cat would just stare at the family doing whatever they were in the house, and would also watch Erin walk her dog. And that’s pretty much all he would do throughout the day.

Erin said it felt very creepy but very hilarious at the same time as well. A random cat pops up by your house and starts staring at you for days upon days.




Watching Greg every day, a soft spot developed in Erin’s heart as she wanted to let him inside the house. But, Greg had previously attacked Erin’s dog on one occasion when she was walking her dog and didn’t want such a thing to happen again. Instead, Erin started putting more effort into the search for Greg’s parents. The efforts included posting pictures of him on more social media platforms and various websites. She also wrote a little note regarding Greg being a lost cat and hung that to its collar.

Erin made sure she does everything in her power to look for Greg’s owners.



And finally, Erin was approached. After 4 whole days, Greg’s owners sent Erin a message that he was their cat. They lived just a few blocks away and were very thankful to Erin for making all the efforts to search for Geg’s family.

His owners told Erin that his name is Kylo. He was safely taken back home by his owners.




We are sure Erin misses Kylo, who will always be her Greg.