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The story tells how the cat sheltered a deer left without his mother

The manifestation of love from different animals can be seen on numerous videos that are posted on the Internet. This beautiful story is about a deer Hoppy that, with the help of an ordinary domestic cat, received maternal warmth and care.

However, a couple found a lonely deer, which they felt very sorry for because without a mother, he would simply die. And then it was decided to take the animal home.

At first, this calf could not get used to people, because for him everything was unusual and strange. However, he soon became more domestic and open. The cat took him under his wing.

And today the deer happily follows his cat friend on the heels. At the same time, the cat itself also does not mind at all.

It’s obvious that they are used to each other’s presence and feel safe. They sometimes play together and follow each other’s steps. There is no need to worry about their everyday life. The animals don’t get bored; they are a great company.

Lately, they have started to become closer. You can see in the video below how they lick each other’s faces and hands as a sign of love and friendship.