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The smart doggy saved a helpless seal thinking that he was a puppy. Afterwards they closely related to each other

The poor seal was rescued by a doggy and they became good friends.

A family was on the beach of Lake Baikal, when they noticed a seal in need. He couldn’t move, so Nick’s doggy hurried to help him thinking that he was a pup.

The family put him into the bathtub filled with water and took care about the cutie. The smart doggy didn’t leave him alone and stayed next to him and licked for hours until the seal opened his eyes. Thanks to the caring people and their loyal pet the poor baby was saved.


Because the seals eat in water, the family had to feed him in the bathtub. After some time the cutie was completely recovered. He stayed there for a night and when the morning came, the loving doggy immediately came and began to stroke him. They called him Umka.

The family decided to send him to his habitat, but he came back again, which made his loving doggy happy. They fed him again and let him stay with them for a night.


When the seal was sent to his habitat for the third time, he didn’t come back and his caring friend became depressed. But her parents could attract her attention with other interesting things.