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The funny cat Lulu is so happy to be adopted that as an act of gratitude she brings the slippers of her owner to her every morning

The funny way this cute cat shows her gratitude to her owner, who rescued her life, would make you add “immediately adopt a cat” in your schedule list.

The lovely cat, named Lulu, is so joyful and grateful having eventually a sweet home, that she brings the slippers of her human every morning.



Lulu was brought to the shelter in a very bad condition. Some weeks later she looked much better, but nobody wanted to adopt her, because she had health problems.

She had kidney disease and ingrown nails, she got from being a long time in a small cage. She even couldn’t jump.

But with all these, she was lucky to be adopted by Kayla and her mother, who loved her from the first meet.




They didn’t even imagine that soon they will be pleasantly surprised.

The kind woman with her nice family took care of the new member of their family.

They fed her with great pleasure and gave her their love and attention. After a short time, Lulu looked absolutely better.



One morning, when the kind adoptive mom was about to go out, she suddenly noticed her lovely pet bringing her slippers.

It was a very touching action, probably, an act of gratitude she showed in this way in return for rescuing her life.

From that day on it became a habit for the cute animal.


Read these characteristics which almost all cat lovers have in common:

It’s the nature of cats that they are not friends with everybody, and the same trait can be seen in their owners too. Usually, they live alone and are happy with their independent lifestyle. They are introverts but are comfortable hanging around with other people. However, they would need some me-time to relax and recharge.

It has been observed that people with liberal political leanings prefer cats over dogs. You might be a liberal dog lover or a conservative cat owner; if you’re a liberal, you love cats and vice versa.

Five traits – conscientiousness, neuroticism, extraversion, agreeableness, and openness are often seen in most cat lovers. As compared to dog owners, people who have cats as pets are more open and therefore, have greater artistic creativity.

Just like their pets, cat lovers seek attention from people around them. They like to be the centre of all conversations. At times, cat owners rely on their pets for emotional support.

Cat people respect cats more than humans, in general. The saddest sight for a cat lover is to see the animal on the streets without a home. Cat lovers are often seen making a special effort to rescue or rehabilitate homeless cats.