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The Friendship Between This Blind Golden Retriever And His Guide Dog Melts Everyone’s Hearts


Difficulties not only test you, but also show you who your friends are. So when Jake, a 2-year-old golden retriever, lost his vision, his partner Addie had to help him get used to his new life, and that’s what she did. Over the past few years, Addie has proven to be a loyal friend and guide, and she’s certainly a very good girl.

“We brought Jake when our golden Molly died, and Addie when Wrigley died. Jake was very sad after his partner died, and we knew he needed a friend,” said his owner Kim.

“Jake follows the smell and sound of Addie. After Jake’s operation, we put a little bell on Addie’s collar for a while, until he got used to following her on his own.”



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Jake’s problems started when he turned 2. “We saw that he was having trouble with his eyes and discovered that he was no longer producing tears”

During the following months, despite trying all the medicines recommended by the veterinary specialist, as well as several operations, his eyes deteriorated rapidly.

“We were faced with a painful decision: to remove Jake’s eyes or to euthanize him.”

“Both options seemed very cruel, especially for a dog that had already been through so much.”

“However, in the following days, we were contacted by several blind dog owners”

“They encouraged us by telling us about the resilience of their dogs after losing their sight, and that they were still leading normal, happy lives.”

“The vet also told us that sight is only the third most important sense for them, since they depend more on their smell and hearing.”

“With that information in mind, we decided to have Jake’s eyes removed.”

“After waking up from surgery, the vet said Jake immediately started wagging his tail.”

“His months of pain were over, and he was letting us know it.”

“During his period of adaptation to his new life he continually surprised us by the ease with which he seemed to cope with the circumstances.”

“He still bumps into things from time to time, but he walks around the house and the neighborhood with surprising ease. And his playful nature is back.”

“We are very happy with the choice we made, and grateful to the people who encouraged us to do so. Jake reminds us every day that life has purpose and value despite all the challenges. He has the personality of a relaxed surfer. He sleeps on his back with his legs in the air. Addie, on the other hand, likes to cuddle. She loves to be wherever we are and always wants to give kisses.”

When they’re not sightseeing or adventuring, Jake and Addie lead normal lives. Their days start with a morning walk and breakfast. “They always take a nap after breakfast. Then they play. They love this time of year when they can play outside together and chase squirrels.”


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