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The Dog Saves The Baby From Abusive Nanny

Hope and Benjamin Jordan, who had recently relocated to Charleston, South Carolina, were seeking for a babysitter to care for their son. After a thorough search, they discovered Alexis Khan, who was everything they had hoped for in a nanny.

However, the truth was rather different! The babysitter was a heinous abuser! During her stay, she would physically beat the infant boy, smack him repeatedly, shout insults at him, and leave him wailing for hours!


Killian, the family’s dog, was determined to defend Alexis, so he began barking at her! This drew the attention of the parents, who installed a concealed recording device to capture the sounds while they were gone!

They discovered more than 7 hours of nightmare torment when they listened to the gadget! As a result, they phoned the cops to have Alexis arrested, as she is prohibited from working with minors. Thank you so much, Killian.

Watch the video below.

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