The Boy And Duck Have A Special Friendship Between Them That Will Not Let Anyone Disturb Their Comfort

This lucky little guy gets to wash with both a rubber and a real ducky.

Jennifer Young chose to add a duckling to her family in 2015, when her son Tyler was only a few months old. She had no idea how soon her kid and the small duck would become friends.

Since then, Tyler’s best companion has been Beaker the duck, commonly known as Bee.

Tyler’s first word, according to Young, was “duck,” which he revealed to The Dodo in 2016, roughly 9 months after bringing Bee home.

Young explained, “They did everything together: play, eat, snooze, etc.” “With a harness, he [Bee] was easy to teach.” Young was unconcerned about having a kid and a duck in diapers (though Bee sometimes yanked his off).

Bee was always immediately following Tyler as he toddled throughout the home, and their friendship only got stronger from there.

“It’s craziness from the minute these two wake up until they go to bed,” Young added.

While Tyler was eating, Bee would plead for food, and Tyler, of course, would smuggle him everything he wanted.

Young said that the two would rip Tyler’s room up in under five minutes and then seem equally guilty when she caught them.

Bees are also “He is extremely protective of his son. Bee is at my feet, quacking, making sure Tyler isn’t wounded, if I’m holding him and he’s sobbing “Young said.

Before Tyler, Young had raised pet ducks for a long time. She’d had a dozen or more at a time before. But, until Bee, they’d primarily been outside pets by choice.

Bee realized that maintaining an indoor duck “isn’t nearly as strange as it appears.”

“When I first discovered that people kept ducks inside wearing diapers, I laughed out loud,” Young adds. “Bee is as devoted, intelligent, and sweet as any dog or cat.”

Of course, none of this seemed weird at all to Tyler. He’s never known life without his diapered, feathery closest friend.

Young explains, “As far as Tyler is concerned, having a pet duck is the thing to have.” “He’ll tell you how much he loves his Beaker.”

Young’s home has recently welcomed another baby, almost five years later (and another duck in diapers). Original best friends, on the other hand, will always hold a particular place in each other’s hearts.



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