The blind buffalo was lonely until she found a friend for herself – and their calf tenderness is mimic!

Friendship knows no boundaries, let alone friendship in animals – even more so! We have already talked about the tandem of a German shepherd and a ferret, and now another unusual couple is next in line – a bison and a calf. In the shelter among other animals, a bison named Helen was a little lonely, because there were no her relatives there. But almost a cousin appeared – the child of an ordinary cow, who brightened up her existence. Now the couple are inseparable!

A blind buffalo named Helen used to be lonely

She lives in a shelter full of animals, but it was not the same


While she had an unusual friend – he turned out to be the calf Oliver

And the comrades are not at all stopped by the fact that she is a bison, and he is the child of an ordinary cow


According to zoo workers, the loneliness of the bison quickly disappeared

Now she spends almost the whole day with her new friend.


Helen watches Oliver like a caring nanny

“Her happiness is palpable,” says a shelter worker


Helen loves the boy so much that she even shares her dinner with him

And this couple of friends look happier than ever!



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