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Texas Has Officially Banned Trans Women From Competing in Female Sports


Though we are living in 20201, people are not ready to upgrade with time. No matter what you say, but a recent unfortunate incident that happened in Texas proves this thing.

“For bringing fairness in the sports”, the government of Texas has decided to ban transgender women from competing in female sports.

The bill was signed into law by Texan Governor Greg Abbott.

Do you know what this bill means? Sadly, if it’s passed, then transgender girls will be banned from participating in female sports at public schools in the state.

Supporters of the bill claim that it will bring fairness to school sports.

According to reporters, making such a law was necessary because it will help in eliminating the supposed physical advantages of a transgender woman.

Updated birth certificates that prove transgender woman are legally declared female by the state of Texas will no longer be able to be used, SportsBible reports.

An update on a birth certificate will only be accepted if it is due to a clerical error.

The bill has received heavy criticism from trans rights advocates who believe it to be discriminatory.

As per the Guardian, Ricardo Martinez, CEO of Equality Texas said that they are “devastated at the passage of this bill.”

“Our organizations will also begin to shift focus to electing pro-equality lawmakers who understand our issues and prioritize representing the vast majority of Texans who firmly believe that discrimination against trans and LGB+ people is wrong,” Martinez said.

The signing of the bill means that Texas is now among other states such as Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, and Tennessee who have also brought in or proposed laws similar.

The bill will not come into effect until January 2022.