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Sweet Rescue Cat Walks Girl To School Bus Every Morning

“My cat misses my daughter now that she goes back to school in-person so he walks her to the bus every morning.” That’s what Craig the cat’s adoptive mom revealed after posting her sweet video.

The family, who lives in Avon, Indiana, shared several clips from the adorable routine. Mom continued, “My daughter started riding the bus this year. We discovered that Craig likes to accompany her to her bus stop in front of our house, and he has her routine down!”

Craig keeps a close eye on the young girl and mom keeps a close eye on Craig.

“If you look closely you can see he’s watching out for traffic and will not move until the bus is out of sight,” mom wrote. “He comes right back in once bus duty is complete.”

Just by his actions we can tell Craig is a very intelligent cat. And he is adored by his family. Said mom, “Rescue animals are so special! He loves his humans beyond measure and we love him more than he will ever know.”