Student Befriends Squirrels On Campus And Dresses Them In Cute Costumes

Mary Krupa has made a name for herself at Penn State as the “Squirrel Whisperer.” Krupa, who will be entering her Senior year this fall, realized that certain squirrels permitted her to feed and pet them when she first came to the university. She did what any logical person would do in this situation: Krupa began to dress the squirrels in paper hats.

“I’m a huge animal-lover,” Krupa says in a YouTube interview “…when I saw that the squirrels here are really so friendly to let you touch them, I figured, hm, well if the squirrel lets me touch it, maybe I can put a little hat on it.”

“Sneezy” the squirrel is actually four different female Eastern gray squirrels. “Whenever I find one that’s willing to cooperate and it lets me take pictures, then that one is basically Sneezy for the day,” says Krupa.

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