Stray Dog Takes The Train, Bus And Tram Every Day, All By Himself

Boji is a clever stray who regularly commutes using Istanbul’s public transport system

He brings joy to the commuters every day, and always seems to know exactly where he is going.

“Two months ago, we noticed a dog trying to use our trams, metros and our trains and he knows where to go and he knows where to get out,” Aylin Erol, head of customer relations at Metro Istanbul, told CNN.

“It was quite interesting and we have started to follow him. And it was really an interesting pattern. It’s something like that he knows where to go and has a purpose.”

Boji was picked up one day and brought to the vet for a check-up, he received a microchip and was let on his way.

The Istanbul Metro customer relations department keeps regular tabs on Boji, and his frequent travels have made him quite the celebrity.

You can often find him rushing to catch a train when he’s not napping on the tram, and he’s always happy to take a selfie.

“Boji knows all the rules of travel, gives way to the disembarking passengers, waits, enters the train, and calmly finds a place for himself,” wrote Cumhuriyet. “When he misses the subway, he runs after the subway.”

Boji travels around 18 miles a day while visiting around 29 stations, “I think it’s very beautiful,” passenger Abdulkadir Yalçın told Cumhuriyet. “It adds joy to the subway. It makes us smile. It’s the first time I’ve encountered such a thing.”

The public transport system is home to Boji! Follow him on Instagram to see more!


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