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Story Of A Gas Attendant Who Was Rewarded With 8 Years Of Salary! – Video

A gas attendant named, Nkosikho Mbele, in South Africa got his salary worth 8 years after he paid for fuelling a stranger’s car. Monet Van Deventer from Cape Town stopped her at the gas station for fuel. Unfortunately, she forgot to bring her wallet and cards meanwhile, a gas attendant Nkosikho walked to her and started cleaning her windows.

Monet quickly stopped him and said she did not have money.

She said, “thanks for washing my windows, but I can’t put petrol in today. He seemed stressed and sh-ocked because he was looking at my fuel needle, which was already in the red,” Nkosikho looked at her fuel needle which was already in the red position. He could not leave her going without fuel to drive and immediately offered her saying, ‘ma’am, you can’t run out of petrol on the N2’. And he said, ‘I’ll pay R100 and whenever you are near again you can just give me back my R100’,” Before she could utter a word he already started fuelling up her car’s tank.


For a moment, she could not believe what just happened, but she was aware that Nkosikho’s income must be low, and he only makes R100 in a day, if calculated for a week he must be only getting R1,100. Still, he chose to help Monet, a stranger to whom he wasn’t even sure she’s going to come back to return his money.

But luckily, Monet came to him after two days and returned him his money along with a chocolate box. Nkosikho said, “I was so grateful that she came back. I could see in her eyes that she appreciated my help, you know when someone sees that you have done something for them. I could see it in her eyes that she really appreciated that I had done something for her,”


But his money and box of chocolate was not the only thing which he was going to receive. Monet posted that sweet incident on her social media accounts, which later went viral. She offered him to start a crowdfunding campaign, and they successfully raised funds up to $94,000, which is actually about eight years of a gas attendant’s salary.

Shell, where he was also working, decided to nominate him for the regional service excellence award. And also promise to donate $35,000 to a local charity. “It was God’s doing, all of this. I feel like I’m dreaming. I’m surprised. I’m positive about us. As ordinary people, we can bring a change to life. You see, I was no one, but out of this small thing, the way that people who don’t even know me can see me” says Nkosikho.


He had a family of two children, mother and brother with whom he lives in a small house, with that raised money he can now support his family. He said, “I was just happy to see her drive away knowing she would arrive where she had to get to safely and I had no idea that I would have my life so blessed in return for what I did,”