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Snuggly Lizard Is Obsessed With Snuggling In Blankets

A spiny lizard isn’t typically thought of as a cuddly creature, but this little fellow is as cozy as they come.

Meet Kayto, a one-year-old Scottish bearded dragon. Chanel Law and her partner Jamie nursed him as a baby after discovering the small hatchling alone at a pet store last year.

Law told The Dodo, “He was incredibly little.” “We went online to see what baby bearded dragons look like because he was smaller than the rest of the bearded dragons there [in other tanks].” He was that precise size, and he was probably sold too soon.”

Young bearded dragons should generally not be rehomed until they are roughly 6 weeks old, but Kayto was considerably younger. Without hesitation, the couple took him home, wanting to help him grow big and strong.

Kayto was clearly anxious, but Law worked tirelessly to help him break out of his shell.


“Kayto was terrified and jittery,” Law explained. “He’d hide all the time and just come out to eat.” Every time we tried to touch him, he backed away… Instead of pulling my hand away one day, I continued to pet him. He sat for a while and let me pet him. Then I lifted him up, and he snuggled up to me straight away!”

Kayto is still the greatest snuggle bug, and it was the start of a really unique friendship.

He has some fluffy blankets that he enjoys wrapping himself in, and he’ll lie there for hours napping.

Law also keeps a warm water bottle in there to ensure him is as comfortable as possible.


Law stated, “He truly likes napping and resting on our bed.” “He’s one of the cuddliest and most clinging beardies you’ll ever meet.” He cuddles into your chest as soon as you raise him, and when you’re sitting [in the room] with him, he’ll run back and forth, joyful.”

When Kayto isn’t napping, he may be seen watching TV or listening to music with his family. He’s very interested in his father’s guitar.

Kayto has a 6-foot-long, custom-built vivarium where he may sunbathe beneath warm lights and chase all the crickets he wants, in addition to the freedom to wander over any blanket in sight.


“Anyone who comes to our house, Kayto will immediately jump off his rock and dash approach the guest because he’s always so interested,” Law explained. “Everyone claims he’s the happiest bearded dragon you’ll ever meet,” adds the narrator.

Kayto is clearly adored, and his parents have enjoyed seeing him grow from a little, cautious lizard to an outgoing and devoted family member.

He’s also educated them a great deal about these frequently misunderstood reptiles.

“It took a little longer than any other animal I’ve worked with to get Kayto used to people, but we got there in the end, so it was well worth it,” Law said. “I’ve seen a lot of stories and blogs about people (particularly kids) giving up their beardies because they’re ‘not engaging’ and ‘just sit there and do nothing.’ This is something with which I absolutely disagree.”


“Bearded dragons aren’t as active as dogs,” Law explained, “but if you love them and take them out of their vivarium, they’ll climb objects and perch on your shoulder and be there for you.” “They’ll love you back as long as you love them.”