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Sisters post TikTok dancing The Popular ‘RICK & MORTY’ at Mother’s Funeral, Critics Furious

People seem to do TikTok dances nearly anywhere—but two sisters decided to do one at their mother’s funeral, sparking outrage.

A video posted from the @rickandmourning account shows two sisters doing the popular Rick & Morty TikTok dance. It garnered nearly 12 million views in its first five days.


@rickandmourning we also do weddings, bar mitzvahs, baptisms, gender reveals & graduations #rickandmorty #foryoupage ♬ original sound – trinbryn

The video comes with the jokey tag, “We also do weddings.”

TheTikTok prompted many to comment about the sisters doing the dance at their mom’s funeral—calling it inappropriate.

The creators responded to commenters, explaining why this was part of their grieving process.

“This is not dark humor,” one person scolded. “This is disrespectful towards your dead and the life she lived.”

The sisters responded, “My mom said, ‘You need a sense of humor.’”

Another person dismissed the duo as “messed up and sad.”

One commenter observed, “More so, just unprofessional and putting yourself at unnecessary risk of being fired, but go off I guess.”

After posting the video, one of the sisters later posted another TikTok explaining she was “a mess” in her grieving process and disclosed she had been fired from her job. That creator also takes time to ask if she can “Rick & Morty her job back.”

In response to the latest TikTok video by the sister, someone commented, “She was rightfully fired from this. She’s using her mom’s death for TikTok clout. She doesn’t even seem upset that she’s gone. They just giggling.”

Still, some people did not believe the sisters were disrespectful and offered support.

“I’m sorry for your loss,” one well-wisher said. “I’m sure if your mom was a very fun person and loved laughing she is laughing with you girls.”

Another exclaimed, “Everyone grieves differently. It’s these goofy and silly things that families do to remember the good times out of losing someone they love,” before instructing everyone to “chill.”

According to Dailydot.com, there appears to be a trend where people are doing the dance at gravesites.

The trending dance comes from a summer audio song released by rapper Soulja Boy. The song called “Rick & Morty” originated in a freestyle during a Fortnite livestream